Backtrack Boys film shows how a whole-of-community approach to youth issues creates significantly better outcomes for young people (in addition juvenile crime rates in Armidale have dropped by  50%).

In 2019 Backtrack Boys Social Impact Campaign centred around maximising the social impact potential of community partners, screening events and fundraisers. It’s our community partners that have helped to initiate community-wide conversations, help mobilise support for BackTrack Youth Works and to drive forward grassroots programs in their local areas!

2019 Results


• Significant growth in people expressing interest to participate in the BackTrack program as either volunteers, donors, participants etc.
• Growth in funding and offers of support: last year there we have 150 new major donors
• After seeing the film, a single donor has pledged to donate $300 000 over a year 3 period to BackTrack
• Hundreds of requests to hold a community screening and $50,000 has been raised for BackTrack through our “host a screening” campaign


1. Shine a light on the BackTrack Youth Works program and ensure it continues to receive funding and support
2. Change community conversations about youth issues by hosting screenings
3. Support youth workers, juvenile detention centres and communities broaden their practice of working with young people at risk through a screening program
4. Support advocacy organisations working in the youth space to help them spread the word about their campaigns
5. Provide young people with a positive narrative about themselves, and to promote greater understanding in the general public of their situation

The film’s impact campaign had received a grant in 2020 to help with the following:

1. To create an education package edited for schools
2. To support screenings in juvenile detention centres and correctional facilities and to create specially designed resources to support these screenings

If you would like to help us reach our goals you can donate via Documentary Australia 

"If the community watched the doco, it would help them understand us better"

Inmate from Correctional Facility NSW

I would like to go up to where this place is and help out in any way I can. I want to give back to the kids and others in the community. I will ask the teacher of my class to help me contact them upon my release from jail.

Attendee in Youth Detention Centre

It’s an overwhelming feeling seeing someone actually believe in us… It motivated me to offer my experience and help if there is a possibility for me to do so.

Attendee in Youth Detention Facility

I’m a teacher at a disadvantaged school in Alice Springs. I saw so many of my students in that film, and while it made me despair even further at the state of our juvenile justice system, I felt re-energised about my small role in shaping some of these young people’s future’s one location to another and returns.

Screening in Alice Springs

I work in the social sector and seeing the boys’ stories will influence the way that I think about designing/ advising on programs to support young people.

Screening in Melbourne,VIC

We 100% back this as a tool in our work with young people as it allows them to relate to peers who have experienced similar trauma and mistakes, yet with support, have made more pro-social and safe choices. I also appreciate the important role this film plays in the community as it allows the public to gain greater understanding of the complex needs of our young people.

Brisbane Youth Detention Facility

Fantastic film and has started ongoing conversations within our team as we prepare for running a series of diversionary camps for some teenagers who have been chroming.

AAA Corp, Alice Springs