Bring Backtrack Boys to Your Community

Backtrack Boys is sparking conversations and inspiring change. If you’ve seen the film and are motivated to share it — thank you.

By hosting a screening you can spread the word about BackTrack’s innovative way of working to keep kids out of juvenile detention and help to change their lives forever.

Your event can kickstart a discussion, educate or fundraise, inspire action and create change, or simply be a good film enjoyed with friends!

FanForce a Screening

Bring Backtrack Boys to a cinema or venue in your town with the help of FANFORCE!
EASY to organise, you select a cinema or venue and then help promote and sell tickets using free tools.


Buy a Screening Licence Pack

Host a screening for your community or organisation.
This pack includes the film, a public screening licence and promotional tools to make your event a success!


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“Backtrack Boys has the power to change each mind and capture each heart of every audience member, will you be next?”

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“This is one of the most moving and important documentaries to be made in Australia for the last 20 years. Or maybe ever. This is profound, extraordinary film-making. This is what a camera is made to do. These are the stories we need to hear.” 
Tracey Korsten – Glam Adelaide 

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“To say a film is important can turn people off, but this one is. It’s humane, it’s beautifully made, the kids are more articulate than one would ever imagine, and it reaches deep into places of compassion in the heart, bringing hope”

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