Inspire Action in Your Community

Launching in February 2019 the Backtrack Boys Screening Licence Pack includes everything you will need to host your own screening for your organisation or community.
Find a venue, choose an event date and promote your screening using the promotional tools we provide. 
You can choose whether or not to sell tickets to your event – so your screening can be free to attend if you wish.
Backtrack Boys will also support you by providing in-depth guides for hosting a discussion to create an engaging event.

Screening Pack Includes:

The Backtrack Boys Film and Public Screening Licence of the film*
Screening Guide: everything you need to know about organising a film screening, creating impact and fundraising
Discussion Guide: in-depth guide to hosting a discussion or Q&A, to deepen viewers’ engagement with the issues in the film and your own community
Tips for Promoting Your Event: Guide and assets including flyer and poster artwork, a social media guide and a suite of social media graphics, trailers and clips
Digital Press Kit: to send to local media
Advertising: we will promote your screening through the Backtrack Boys website and social media pages

* Films in Australia require a licence to be screened publicly. The licence fee goes toward the costs of producing and releasing the film. This licence is for one public screening of the film. If you would like to show the film multiple times, please email us to discuss.


Why host a screening of Backtrack Boys?

Backtrack Boys is an observational documentary filmed over 2 years that explores BackTrack’s philosophy in action and the journey of the kids under their care.

Backtrack Boys film reveals how the program helps young people to navigate their relationships, deal with personal trauma, take responsibility for their own decisions and gain practical job skills so that they can eventually create a sustainable future for themselves.

The power of documentary storytelling engages audiences, shifts views and creates conversations. By hosting a screening you can share the extraordinary impact of Backtrack’s unconventional way of working and how it helps keep kids out of juvenile detention and change their lives forever.

• Raise money for your organisation by selling tickets to the screening
• Raise money to start a BackTrack Youth Works training program in your town
• Raise money for BackTrack Youth Works as a supporter
• Raise money for the Backtrack Boys film regional and rural tour

• Educate your network on young people’s issues
• Build support and understanding of the work your organisation does
• Recruit supporters and volunteers

• Backtrack Boys film engages audiences and you can start a discussion about young people and services in your community by organising a Q&As or panel discussion – this gives everyone the opportunity to learn more and share their perspective on the issues raised in the film.
• Communities can use this film to bring together senior decision makers, police, local government, education and service providers, youth organisations and young people to explore alternatives to locking kids up in juvenile detention and focus on prevention programs.

This Australian documentary also seizes an opportunity to question and challenge the process, decision making and value behind sending youth’s to jail. Its own content serves as a legitimate demonstration for how a completely different approach to the rehabilitation process of youths, which costs more time in listening, but far less in dollars, does indeed work. BACKTRACK BOYS might not necessarily be a cinematic production, but the insight it has to share deserves to be seen by cinemas packed with audiences. Need further convincing? BACKTRACK BOYS didn’t win the People’s Choice Award in Melbourne and the Audience Award in Sydney for Best Documentary Feature at the respective festivals this year by accident! So, will you make the time to listen?
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