“The movie was simply amazing and really highlighted a serious problem that more of the community need to be made aware of – it was also so valuable to my community and family studies Yr12 class... it helped create some thought provoking discussions back at school”. Chatham High School Teacher


Backtrack Boys documentary is a powerful way to broaden the knowledge of educators and professionals and promote discussion and learning around the issues in the film. For anyone working with young people they can benefit from watching or having a screening of Backtrack Boys film.

For students, the film will help educate young people giving them positive role models and motivation. For those studying courses such as Youth Work or Community Services this film is a great resource to help students understand a variety of youth issues and therapeutic and diversionary approaches.

If you would like to host a screening in your workplace or school – simply register to purchase a screening licence (costs vary from $150-$350). We will then provide you with the film and  resources you may need to hold a screening and discussion. 

NEW FOR 2020

We are currently developing educational clips and tools in 2020 to accompany “Backtrack Boys”.

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Backtrack Boys is also available on Kanopy and Beama Film.

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